About Me

Hi! My name is Tammy!  I am a middle school teacher, a mother of 3 teenagers, step-mom to 2 teenagers (and 1 college almost 21-year old!), and 2 Chinese (exchange) daughters….ALL teenagers, ALL students!

Recently, I have realized that being a mother of teenagers is VERY EXPENSIVE!  AND being a middle school teacher is very time consuming!  There ARE, however, two things that we all have in common:

  1. We all need money!
  2. We have the summers “off”

We all get to Christmas and realize that we like to buy gifts for each other, but afterwards, we have no cash left – until about spring break time, and we all rush around for the next few months trying to find out where we can work for the summer (and which companies will pay more than minimum wage.)

Another thing that I realized recently is that teenagers (students) have amazing technical skills!  My kids and my students teach me so much about technology and are so much more confident in the online world.  They often laugh watching me try to find the perfect filter for my snapchat story!

With all of the media out there and the willingness to listen and learn, I am now joining the online world and learning and helping others to succeed in making money online – you CAN find additional income in the comfort of your own home, or the backyard in the hammock, or even better…poolside!